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Leo Goddess Takes the Plunge

August 8th, 2012 · No Comments · General, Leo

Leo Goddess Takes the Plunge 300x236 Leo Goddess Takes the PlungeI’m your Leo Goddess; I’ve come to teach you how to swim into the sea of your emotions, where love is surely to be found. It’s most enthralling when it’s your positive feelings that are the drive behind all your actions. You’ll find your life more joyful and blissful.

Emotional Nature Taking Center Stage

It’s your emotional nature that is taking center stage now, not your mind during this matriarch inspired era.  During the patriarch civilization, you needed to draw to yourself powerful people.

Learned Through Colliding

If you were equally strong yourself, then you learn through colliding with each other. Once the collision was over, if you were wise, you stopped for a moment, reflected on what happened, the extreme you were in at the time, which allowed you to shift more toward your center.  You did need to be quick though, to glean your lessons from going through the experiences which were absolutely tremendous, making the process all worthwhile.

Outer Scientist Collisions

This is actually the same process that outer scientists and physicists use.  At Cern, outside of Geneva, the home of the large caldron collider, it’s designed to collide opposing particle beams at a tremendous speed, with as much force as possible.  When the “big bang” occurs because of the collision, then the scientists and physicists, most quickly, examine the by-products which give them incredible scientific discoveries.  It’s quite possible that they have discovered what is referred to as the “God” particle, what is thought to hold the mass together in this universe? Also it’s giving them a glimpse into the dark matter which composes the majority of this sector of the cosmos.

God Particle is Love

The God particle or what holds the “mass” together in your relationships is Love.  It’s Love or the hope for it that draws you together, it’s the magnetic attraction that you can’t live without.  Love is the connector.  What often happens in a relationship is your perception of your partner shifts, now the other person becomes the “bad” person. Or your relationship partner perceives you as harming them, being the “bad person.”  At that moment, the Love is submerged, no longer there to connect you.

Relationship Dramas Now Connects You

Hate, at any level from disgust to anger, takes over producing relationship dramas.  The two of you begin to connect, not through Love but from the toxic emotions that are now driving your relationships.  Believe it or not, the collision that then occurs has a morsel of Love in the collision that you try to eke out to keep you going in the relationship.  If you can find it, usually by looking at your actions, the out of control extreme behavior that you exhibited, you can find the love, at least for yourself in the process.  Furthermore, you can continue forward with this person, stay in the relationship.

Speck of Love

If you cannot find this God particle, this speck of love, often you overthrow your partner and head out the door, seeking another partner where Love, you hope, is more readily available.  If you do stay in the relationship, maybe because you’re beholden to your children, parents or financial security, rest assured you will continue to connect through your strength and your power. The God or Love particle becomes most elusive.

Need Help from Inner Scientists

You’ll need some help now.  You’ll need inner scientists and physicist outside of you in the cloak of counselors, mediators, relationship experts to help you discover the Love in the debris of the collisions.  Don’t wait too long or you’ll find decay taking place, making it most difficult to extract,

Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius Goddesses

The Leo Goddess, along with the Aquarian Goddess and the Sagittarius Goddess, guides both the outer and inner scientists toward their discoveries. As the Leo Goddess has taken the cosmic wand from the Leo Emperor or God, she’s guiding, especially the inner scientists now, to discover those Love particles.  Here’s the magic that occurs each time you do, this dark matter that is most mysterious and occupies the majority of this universe is Love.  That is the connector, the mass that keeps the universe together, that connects you with the collective consciousness.

Glean the Gold – The Love

The Leo Goddess implores you to glean the “gold,” the God, the love particle from all those collisions that you went through in your relationships.  She’s also guiding you to learn how to swerve out of the way of those impending collisions, how to step aside, not need your emotional energy to come from negative motivators.  The Leo Goddess is sending you magical energies for the Love within you to be the thrust toward your heart journey.


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