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Leo Goddess Invites You to Have Fun

August 8th, 2012 · No Comments · General, Leo

RBBB circus circle 300x184 Leo Goddess Invites You to Have FunIf you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the Leo Goddess invites you to get outside, play and have fun. The Sun is big and bright; a time to have picnics, frolic at the beach, go on vacation, from yourself even.  You just might have become too serious about life itself, your job, your relationships, and who you think you should be.  Beware, seriousness leads to being over controlling.

Patriarch Era’s Demise

Don’t forget, the patriarch era just had its demise a little over a year ago, with the emergence of the matriarch time.  For so long, your power, your strength, and your intellect were the aspects of you that were being activated.

Lifelong Habits

Holding on for dear life sometimes, often you became more controlling than you’d like to admit, maybe even to yourself. Even though the Goddess energies are no longer showering those parts of yourself, lifelong habits are hard to give up.

Leo’s Mighty Roar

For the past few thousand years, every time Leo the Lion stepped up on the Zodiac stage with his mighty roar, you had the same opportunity. You could roar right along with him, showing off all your power and strength.

Get Beyond Your Seriousness

Besides inviting you to plunge into the sea of your emotions, the Leo Goddess says, it’s time to get beyond your seriousness, which can stick you in rigidity, “my way only” kind of thinking.

Unfolding Feminine Aspect

How are you going to do that?  The Leo Goddess invites you to play, have fun.  No, you are not being a slacker, goofing off.  You are unfolding the feminine aspect of the Leo energy where creativity abounds.

Invitation to Go Out of Control

Your emotional nature, the actor/actress loves to be the fun-loving kid that never grows up to be a serious adult with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Is that an invitation to go out of control? No, that would just be swinging to the other extreme. Of course, that’s what happens to all those that have to pretend they have it all together with their emotions all bottled up.  More often than not, scandals are in the making for out of control behavior.

Spellbind You with Magic

Why not take yourself to a circus where the clowns, jugglers, and lion tamers will spellbind you with their magic? Expressive fun, that’s a must in any circus performance, but watch closely and you’ll also notice their precision and exactness. Now you are talking about the balance of control, which would permit you to be a tight rope walker, with surety of balance.

Laugh and Lighten Up

Balance is what you’re after, whether you are expressing yourself through your physical body or in your relationships.  The Leo Goddess gushes, “The way to balance for you during my time is to do as many activities that make you laugh, lighten up, and bring out your playful nature.”

Your Own Star

The Leo Goddess is playfully propelling you toward expressing yourself most creatively.  It could be dancing, singing, juggling, writing, acting, playing a piano, it matters not which method.  You just want to access that part of you that will propel you into being out front, your own star.

Creative Expression Abounds

The matriarch era abounds with creative expression, and you want to find yours, and then hone it with precision much like the circus performers or Olympian medalists.


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