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Introducing Taurus the Cow Goddess

May 16th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Taurus

TaurusEB Introducing Taurus the Cow GoddessIntroducing Taurus

the Cow Goddess

Hello down there and welcome to Taurus. I’m Taurus, the Bull and I’ve enjoyed transmitting to you for the past few thousand years every year from April 20/21 to May 20/21, which varies some years due to Mother Earth’s year of 365.25 day. It all depends on the date of the March Equinox which was on March 20, 2011, so this year you’ll be receiving our Taurus energy from April 20 through May 20.

Heading Out to Pasture

I’m heading out to pasture for a well deserved rest and to fully revitalize myself.  I’ll still be here, but it’s time for my lovely, lovely Taurus Cow Goddess to step on the zodiac stage to guide and support you.  You can depend on her to broadcast Taurus messages 24/7 until May 20.  Trust her; she’s dependable, consistent, and unswerving.  No matter how many cows were there for me to sire, I always returned home to the comfort and warmth of my Cow Goddess.

taurus cow w name resized Introducing Taurus the Cow GoddessTaurus Cow Goddess

Moo…Moo… Being called a Goddess is music to my ears.  For so long, I’ve just been an ordinary cow, always there to support my man and look after our calves. Now with the Goddess in me being unveiled, I want to shower you with the most beautiful and loving Taurus cosmic beams possible to help make your dreams come true. That’s what I did for my man, the Bull, all these years and it worked.  You know the saying, “Behind every successful man is an inspiring woman”, and certainly in our case, that was true.  So now it’s your turn, I’m going to help you become successful also, one steady step after another.

Cow Goddess’s Down-to-Earth Approach

For sure you don’t have to worry about me making Taurus the Bull wrong in order to elevate myself.  I have a lot of gratitude to my partner for what he set in place already.
Just think, I don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. I can build on what’s already here, while adding my feminine practicality, common sense and down to earth approach.

Overall Direction of the Zodiac Year

Now let me tell you more about my role in this matriarch guided civilization that we are just beginning, steered by the Goddess of Love.  In the cosmos, we work together as a relay team, building on each other’s successes. Each of us is striving to ensure by the end of this zodiac year, we’ve anchored the matriarch inspired era, especially its economic system. That’s the overall direction for this zodiac year. There is a twist to this though. Aquarius, the facilitator of all the zodiac signs for the next 2100 years, in liaison with the Goddess of Love has announced that the “How To” methods must all be based on Caring.

Caring Steers the Way

The drive for strength and power needs to be set aside; with Caring now steering the way.  For many of you, letting Caring take the lead could be a whole new learning curve because it’s all built on proving that you genuinely will take care of yourself first. Don’t be dismayed if you fall down and need to pick yourself back up a few times.  Just remember that’s the way you went from crawling to walking when you were a baby. Instead of your Mommy picking you back up now, you become your own Caring mother and applaud yourself until you are walking steadily without holding on to the furniture.

Matriarch Monetary Systems

One of your first steps is to support yourself financially through matriarch monetary systems which give you passive residual income by duplicating yourself many times. You want every working hour you spend today, not to be about making money in the moment now, no matter how good an hourly wage you can make. You want those hours to build toward income that will keep coming to you for years to come.  It’s only when these matriarch economic systems are flourishing that many will leave the old antiquated patriarch systems that kept them from having time to care of themselves and to spend time with their family.

ariesewe flat Introducing Taurus the Cow GoddessAries the Ewe Goddess

My place in the Zodiac Relay Team is following Aries, which just ended with Aries the Ewe Goddess who showered you with her leadership and money making energies.
She’s our pioneer, and she introduced you to a matriarch economic system which is still cutting edge and only is now making its way into the traditional world.  She introduced you to network marketing, which would allow you to work from home, be there for your children. Listen to her, throw aside any prejudices you might have and check them out.

Network Marketing 80% Women

Aries the Ewe Goddess proclaimed during her tenure on the cosmic stage that network marketing is a revolution in the making, although not warring in nature.  It is an evolutionary movement that’s sweeping the world.  Just like the internet leveled the playing field where people with regard to age, disability, color of skin or size had the opportunity to all be equal, it’s the same with network marketing. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to start your own business; it is already set up for you.  You also don’t need to take out large student loans to go to college to end up with a job no matter how good it is, that offers you no passive residual income.   It’s a movement being led by 80% women, and at least half of the other 20% male are conveying genuine caring. Many of these men are single parents, wanting time for their children as well.

Taurus Appeals to the Maintainers

And while Aries the Ewe Goddess will continue to incite and enlist all the pioneering, adventurous individuals the entire zodiac year, I’m appealing to the maintainer part of you.  “What’s a maintainer,” you ask; it’s the part of you that can do the same thing over and over without becoming bored. Each time can be fresh, a new experience.  If you are imbibing my Taurus energies, you will be like an actor or actress who has a part in a play. You say the same words night after night and wear the same costume, but each performance is unique. The audience is most of the time different, seeing your performance for the first time. Your ability to connect with them through expressing yourself through the role you are portraying is what gets you applause or yawns.

Maintainer Role in Network Marketing

In network marketing that’s your role also.  If it’s a good network marketing company, the system is there just like the theater stage is there for you to walk on. The packaging is done just like the costume you wear. Find the stars, those that are already expressing the caring part of themselves and doing well.  Be their understudy and learn from them, and when it’s your time to demonstrate, to step on stage yourself, you’ll be ready.

What’s the Benefit?

Instead of talking about your network marketing products and what is so great about them, how they are made, what they are made of, leave that for your brochures. That’s what Taurus the Bull already put in place during his reign.  Under my Goddess direction, your role is the caring person, helping the people achieve the personal benefit that’s available.  And one of the big benefits of network marketing is the money the person can make so they can become free of any situation they are in that’s not healthy for them. If you are in an unhappy marriage, but you have no control over the purse string, you’re trapped until you begin to make your own money. Same, if you are in a job that just does not call to your heart, yet you have to work to pay the bills, you need a way out. Network marketing can be done part time while you build your team through Caring for them.

Copy What’s Successful

Use the already usually well packaged material and just copy what’s already successful. Your creativity is your emotional expression, that’s what makes you different than the next person. Even if there’s a script to go by, how you deliver these words, with a tone of caring, your body language, this is what communicates even more than what you say.

If the people feel you genuinely care for them and you’re speaking from your heart, you’ll do well. Anyone imbibing my Taurus Goddess energy will never get bored repeating the same words, following the proven system that someone else developed, as your job is to connect through your feelings with the people you want to help.

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