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Gemini Twin Goddesses Showering You with Love Energy

May 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Gemini, General

If you have started to feel uplifted, wanting to get out and connect, you’re probably responding to the Gemini Twin Goddesses’ energy they are showering on you. The Gemini Twins embody just one energy, love, which they are radiating to you.

Gemini First Permeates Your Mind

Probably, you’ll feel this love energy permeating first your mind, shifting you out of any prejudices you might have found yourself in a morass. That’s just the beginning though, as Gemini’s energy will then bring to the light all the feelings you’ve kept tucked away, out of sight, for you to examine, feel and transform if needed.

Every Cell in Your Body Now Shifting

Love is the energy of the matriarch inspired civilization we are immersed in now, which is spreading like a positive virus and knows no boundaries.  Every cell of your body is being infected in a most loving way, causing you to reinvent yourself many times as your consciousness shifts to align yourself with the energies of today.

Zodiac Goddess’s Function as Relay Team

The twelve Zodiac Goddesses operate much like a relay team. Each hands off the cosmic baton to the other in their yearly sojourn; they each have a special function.

Zodiac Goddesses Organized into Triangles

Also the Zodiac Goddesses are organized into four different teams, three apiece with the triangle as the symbol.  Aries, Taurus and Gemini carry out their mission as the vanguard of each astrological year.  Aries heralds the beginning of the year, announcing the theme that all the Zodiac Goddesses will creatively employ while radiating their individual energies.

Taurus Goddess Creates Safety

It’s then Taurus’s time on the Zodiac stage. She begins to ground and massage the energies deep into Mother Earth until they are safe for everyone to partake.

Gemini Boosts You

When it’s time for the Gemini Twin Goddesses, they begin to shower you with love, as that’s their one and only energy that transmit to you. You begin to feel boosted out of any mire that you may have found yourself stuck in.  It’s time to connect and to communicate and communicate, then communicate some more; bring everyone up to date on what’s happening in your life.

Listen Attentively

Do remember to listen attentively while others talk to you. Do your best to not interrupt no matter how much you feel a need to outpour everything that’s inside of you or that you’re channeling from outside of you.

Gemini and Aquarius

Even though the Gemini Goddesses toil closely with Aries and Taurus, do remember that all the Zodiac Goddesses have as their facilitator, Aquarius for the next 2100 years.  The Gemini Twin Goddesses are the networkers, the connectors of all those that think they are so different.  The Gemini Twin Goddesses are constantly pointing out how similar everyone is, not just humanity, but all consciousness in whatever form they are occupying at the moment.

Social Networking Aquarius-Gemini Joint Effort

Aquarius is charged with overshadowing all the scientists, the inventors, the programmers ensuring that all the “techy” inventions will appear, ensuring that the Aquarian Age’s goals are met and surpassed.  As Gemini Twin Goddesses are the master networkers and connectors, it’s the Aquarian creators in the physical realm that ensure the “techy” apparatuses are in place for this ever so important networking to occur.  The social and business networking sites are just one of the joint efforts of Aquarius and the Gemini Twins.

Connect with Your Friends

If your relationships are as much or more on the social and business networking sites, during Gemini, you’ll want to click on all of your friends links and find out what’s happening with them as well.  For sure you want to write about what’s happening with you, but don’t let it be all about you this month.  Network, connect with all those you’ve chosen to accept as your friends and send them some of the loving words as well as energy that the Gemini Goddesses are bestowing on you.

Engage with Other Dimensions

Don’t confine yourself to just the physical realm or to those in physical forms. Open yourself to receive from those in other dimensions that have left the physical realm.  If you open yourself to receive, you may find yourself channeling for them if you listen carefully.

Be Totally Inclusive

Let your consciousness expand to include all the different kingdoms from animal to mammal, minerals, fairies, tangible and intangible, even trees and vegetation.  You may find yourself wanting to eat lighter and fill yourself up with the air you are breathing.  Air is the receptor for the Gemini Twins energy that they are bestowing on Mother Earth.  Connect with the winds of tomorrow!



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