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Gemini Goddess Twins Shower You with Love

June 14th, 2011 · No Comments · Gemini, General

Gemini3 Gemini Goddess Twins Shower You with LoveGemini energy is Love.  Pisces and Virgo also embody love energy; however, they embody Idealism Energy as well.  Thus, Gemini is the only zodiac energy that transmits solely Love Energy to us all during its time from May 22 through June 21.  Of course, Aquarius is overshadowing and mentoring all the zodiac energies, which is fabulous, as each sign is learning how to develop scientific formulas that enable us to connect and utilize their energies.

Understanding and Knowledge Most Prized

During the patriarch civilization which was an expression of the God of Will spurring us on to develop our outer strength, might, power and intelligence; our minds were most activated during Gemini’s time on the zodiac stage. That’s why knowledge and understanding were the most prized Gemini qualities to develop. Philosophy, reading every book you could find to squeeze out the nuggets to understand the world you live in, as well as writing them, was highly valued. 

What Do You Love About Yourself?

The God of Will’s arena was the outer world, the outer senses. The love of God, the love of another person, was the thrust.  Love was certainly not about you; that would have been narcissist.  Your personal growth was mostly discovering what was wrong with you and fixing those aspects.  Now you get to find what you love about yourself; isn’t that a nice change.

Gemini Channeled Love Energy

To go beyond the God of Will’s energy and to get to the love energy, Gemini would have to touch into other realms to reach and channel the love energy into the physical realm.  That’s why Gemini used to be considered “air heads”, not very grounded. Often they would not even know what they were channeling, and would not be able to apply in their own lives what they were communicating. Being spiritual, reaching into the heavens for answers, being in this world but not of it was the message.

Gemini Goddess Twins 

That’s all shifting now, as the Gemini Male Twins are turning over the cosmic scepter to their feminine expressions, the Gemini Goddess Twins. The Goddess of Love has arrived with her matriarch inspired era in the making right now.  Gemini is no longer reaching into dimensions beyond the physical realm to communicate and teach you.

Goddess of Love’s First Message

The Goddess of Love’s teachings are very much about the physical realm now. The first message of the Goddess of Love was very much the physical realm, how to make your money by participating in a matriarch economic system.

Goddess of Love’s Second Message

The second message from the Goddess of Love is being given during Gemini.  It’s very much about the physical realm also, this time about wellness, your physical health.  During the patriarch era, the messages relating to your physical body and health were given during Virgo, which also embodies Love energy. So it’s a real surprise that Gemini is now communicating about wellness. 

Gemini Says Shed the Labels

Gemini pronounces, shed from you mind all the labels of different illnesses and diseases, as they are indeed just tags to provide understanding.  Many of the diseases are named after a person who branded the illness or disease.  It’s very same as having your own name or categorizations for your body parts like the heart, toes, arms, eyes so there is a reference point so we all know what is being referred to at the time.

Gemini’s Reading Material

However, what you really need to understand is that everything is energy in one state or another.  Gemini embodies energy, you are an energy being; your thoughts, your feelings, and even your physical body is energy in a more condensed state.  If you need to satisfy your mind so you can truly understand this concept, which has been Gemini’s method, read The Body Electric by Robert Vector and Gary Selden. Or A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing Transformation by Richard Gerber.  Both books are available at Amazon. 

The Air You Breathe

Gemini’s contribution to the Everything Is Energy discussion relates to the air that you breathe.  As Mother Earth is becoming more and more crowded, the trees in the rainforest are being cut down, there is less fresh air. The best of course would be to choose to live in areas where there is an abundance of fresh air.  However, if you must live in locations where it’s a must that you air-condition your home in the summer and heat your rooms in the winter, the air you breathe definitely needs enhanced.  

Aromatherapy is a subject you might like to learn about.  One of the latest is Essential Aromatherapy by Nichole Redman. Luckily, Aquarius the facilitator of the Aquarian Age, has overshadowed scientists that have developed Aquarius techy machines that can purify the air.  Even purified, the air has been depleted of so many nutrients now, that energies need to be fed into this air you breathe that can revitalize you, fill you with vitality. 

The Water You Drink

As the Moon Goddess is working closely with the Gemini Goddesses, you want to heed her advice. The Moon Goddess’s emphasis is on the water you drink, with great emphasis on staying well hydrated all the time.  At the Moon Goddess’s New Moon and Full Moon times, due to the alignment of the Moon Goddess, Mother Earth and the Sun, there is a pull on the waters and fluids in your body which connects to your feelings which links to your intuition.  As your body is well over fifty percent water, your brain 90% of water, and over 20% of your bones water, what kind of water you put into your body is most important.

Purified water is just the beginning; the next step is alkaline water.  Now there’ a step even beyond this, and that’s infusing the alkaline water with energy. Infusing air and water with energy is the latest scientific revelations.

The Food You Eat

We are learning so much more about what foods gives us high life sustaining energies and which foods make us sluggish.  For those still into animals, free range and grass fed meats are a must. Organic food is now in all the local supermarkets, no longer just available in health food stores.

Copious Amounts to Extract Enough Energy

Still, you’d have to eat copious amounts of organic fruits and vegetables to extract the total energy your body needs.  Luckily now scientists and nutritionists know this and have developed supplements and liquid drinks that do just this and some have gone a step beyond by energizing them.

Infuse Trace Minerals with Energy

Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize winner said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to mineral deficiency.” That’s pretty profound. Many scientists listened and there are plentiful trace minerals on the market. Really leading edge scientists though have gone a step beyond putting these traced minerals in energized water.

TravelGemini’s energies activate your desire to travel; to expand your consciousness by traveling, embracing your planetary multi-cultural family. Search out the similarities between you and also who you think you might be so different from. As well, if you have this gut feeling that you need to move, listen. The message could be from your higher self.

Moon Goddess’s Full MoonOn June 15, 2011 at 1:14 pm PDT, the Moon Goddess will be down-pouring her moonbeam energies, which will boost Gemini’s Goddess Twins messages to you. As well, Aquarius will be right there along with the Moon Goddess, facilitating the final shift from the Gemini Male Twins to the Gemini Goddess Twins. Really feel the Goddess of Love’s energies within your body, in the physical realm. 


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