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Gemini Characteristics

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(May 22 to June 20)

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You are our Peter Pan of the Zodiac, full of magic, a youthful heart and spirit that ensures you never grow up. You are full of awe at every new experience. You embrace people of every persuasion and immediately begin to find the similarities between them. You then find yourself in the position of translating and communicating to make your new and old friends understood by others that see them as different.

Energies: Communication energy expresses itself as connecting and understanding energy expressing itself as comprehension.

Communication Energy

For the Gemini, communication has one purpose, to connect; find what is common no matter how seemingly different the person or situation might appear on the surface.

Understanding Energy

It is the drive of a Gemini to gather information, to comprehend the underlying essence of most aspects of life itself.

Virtues: Avid learner, conduit and loving.

Virtues are your intrinsic worth, your essence, your qualities that propel you into action, into situations, and to people and consciousness that need your energies.

Avid Learner

You are a voracious learner, consuming books and information to help you understand life and more important, yourself. Understanding is your quest, whether it is about people of every age and culture, fairies, plants, birds, animals, or other dimensions. Once you’ve immersed yourself, really understood something, then you feel restless and want to move on to explore the next unknown. While you are engaged though, you truly give all of yourself, sometimes to the exclusion of taking care of your own needs.


Yet your biggest learning comes outside of this physical realm, your ability to channel from other dimensions, to channel the person in front of you. Out of your mouth comes words that are often so wise, yet after you speak, you may not even remember what you said, much less act on it. In all probability the message was not even for you, but the person you were communicating with.


Love flows through every cell in your body, where you express it the best though is your mind and with the spoken word. Your mind seeks to solve problems of the heart, which although is most heartfelt, stays somewhat objective.

Vices: Inability to listen, talks too much and too scattered.

Inability to listen

Your vices or flaws are just the learning curve that will one day become virtues as you transform them. For example, love flows through you as the communicator. That sounds wonderful and of course is when in balance. But there’s the crawling stage that we all go through on the way to walking in stride. What if you can communicate, can channel for another, but can’t listen. Or when people talk to you, because they will, and you pass on what they say to someone else that does not have the understanding or lack of prejudice you have, then you are causing harm, hurt to the other person’s heart.

Talks too much

Or what if you are so busy talking, you are so busy imparting what you’re interested in, you fail to listen.

Too scattered

And what’s the downside of being so interested, wanting to understand so many things? You’ll need to become a master of scheduling your time, so you have time for all consciousness you’ve chosen to be in your life, otherwise, people can feel short changed by you, especially when you go on to the next thing. You’ll want to ensure that you find a new home or new person for those that don’t follow you to your next interest.


Your natural vocations are anything to do in the field of networking, bringing people together; as you know everyone of every different persuasion and talent. That translates easily to import/export vocations. Also, you are our educator, making sure we understand everything which could lead to being a teacher or a writer. And what about being a translator for those who speak different languages and are from different cultures.

Relationship Compatibility

First, you can love most everyone, for a short time, so any and all signs depending on what you are engaged in right now will work for you, as well as both genders. A Virgo will share your enthusiasm for learning and understanding. Two signs could ensnarl for awhile, Scorpios with their sex magic and Pisces with their love that has no boundaries.

For long term love, consider embracing your opposite, a Sagittarius. Like you, the person will have so many interests; it is not likely you will outgrow the person. Your challenge will be time, as you both can be pulled in so many different directions, but then a relationship without challenges will not lead you toward your center. And your opposite, the Sag, will pull you toward your center, to transform your extremes, and that’s exactly what you will do for the Sag personality.

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