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GEMINI: Astrology Forecast for Gemini 2010

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Gemini, General

GeminiGB2 GEMINI: Astrology Forecast for Gemini 2010



(May 22 to June 20, 2010)

(General for All Sun Signs)

You could liken the Zodiac signs as a relay team, working together to achieve the purpose for the astrological year that begins with the Vernal Equinox on March 21, 2010. This is when Mother Earth starts her trek around the Sun, which takes a little over 365 days and will end on March 20, 2011. Mother Earth’s journey is divided into twelve sections, which gives us our months as well as our seasons. These twelve sections were named long ago by ancient astrologers after the Zodiac constellations.

Why Isn’t Each Year the Same?

Mother Earth does this every year, so why isn’t each year the same? That’s because Mother Earth is traveling around the Sun that is going through a new band in the sky, at least to us. It’s not new for the Sun, just part of its regular trek around the center of the Milky Way which takes approximately 230 million years. What that means is the Sun can guide Mother Earth through her new experience; show her how to adapt, to survive.

If we live in the northern hemisphere, we will continue to have our seasons with the Vernal Equinox announcing spring, the Summer Solstice announcing summer, the Autumn Equinox announcing autumn and the Winter Solstice announcing winter. But don’t ever get too comfortable in this sameness, as there is change, unpredictable surprises each and every year.

At least Mother Earth never gets bored, as each and every year the Sun has a totally new adventure for her to experience and to adapt. And for us, as her inhabitants, the only thing that is predictable is change and adaptability becomes one of the most needed qualities for us all to develop for survival.

First Relay Member – Aries

The first relay member and beginning section of the astrological year is named Aries who carries the torch from March 21 to April 22, 2010. Its characteristics are very much in keeping with the beginning of spring; newness, adventure, pioneering. There are so many sprouts or ideas popping up as a result of the new trek around the Sun that sometimes it’s difficult to know which ones to embrace. At the full moon though, during the time of Aries, it becomes clear for those who are intuitive of any Zodiac sign or those pioneers that naturally respond to newness what the predominant energy is of this band of sky that we will be moving through for an entire year.

World Gets Turned Upside Down

For those that have not developed their intuitive nature as yet or who are not the pioneers, the adventurers, often they just feel their world has turned upside down. It is not clear what the message is, even though it’s obvious this year is radically different than last year, even though it’s spring again, it is Aries. Courage is the predominant quality that is needed during Aries.

Taurus is Second Relay Team Member

Aries turns over the torch now to the second section member, Taurus who has its turn for a Zodiac month beginning April 21 through May 21, 2010. Although all twelve members of the Zodiac act as relay team members, May is part of the spring season team. All these new sprouts or ideas that came up during Aries must now be grounded, made safe, comfortable for everyone to be able to experience.

During Taurus, we begin to relax; it’s our second month of experiencing this new energy. It’s not so daunting now, but it’s still powerful energy that we must learn to resonate with, find the safety in it, and become comfortable in our skins with what’s happening in the cosmos. We’ll feel a need to find harmony with this energy so we can connect and integrate it into our lives. We may still not understand just what it is, but we adjust anyway if we are adaptable.

Gemini Takes the Torch as the Third Relay Member

On May 22, Taurus turns over the torch to Gemini, the third member of the spring season relay team. Gemini has the task of communicating in a way that we can understand just what is going on. During Gemini, the message is translated a myriad of ways to every culture, to all consciousnesses not just humans. Understanding is the quality that will be expressed all month long.

For those that resonate to communication spoken with an esoteric flair, with an astrological style, here’s the Gemini translation.

Beauty – Predominant Energy

Beauty, big, bold, colorful, and authentic is the predominant energy of this band of sky that the Sun is moving through. The two predominant energies of this sector of the universe are Will with all its masculine hues of strength and power and love with all its feminine shades of connections.

Beauty is the outer expression of love and Mother Earth will be adapting, making way for this to occur all over her planet. Although Mother Earth is already one of the most beautiful planets overall, there are still pockets of ugliness to be transformed and new beauty to be laid down that is in alignment to this band of sky. Looks like Mother Earth started responding immediately with the eruption of the Iceland volcano right at the beginning of her trek, putting down new land imbued with this new energy.

Rich Bold Colors

clip image002 thumb2 GEMINI: Astrology Forecast for Gemini 2010

The new colors give us a clue also, as they are more the rich bold colors that you would find in countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Columbia, near the equator moving into the southern hemisphere. That lets us know that Mother Earth is getting closer to another shift on her axis, when our new pole star will be seen from the southern hemisphere; no longer Polaris in the northern hemisphere.

Many may feel the urge to move or at least travel to those countries close to the equator, to get a real sense of the future that is making its way into our present.

Easier Said Than Done

As Mother Earth’s inhabitants, if we are in sync with these energies. We will be embracing and integrating beauty into every aspect of our lives, which is easier said than done. That means transforming any ugliness in our lives, whether in the décor in our homes, in our thinking, our actions, and most important in all our relationships. Don’t forget to start with you though, find everything within you that you can love about you, as you are now, and start transforming the rest into your own authentic beauty.

One Purpose – Connect

This energy of beauty lets us know we are also continuing toward a natural swing of the pendulum when will, being expressed through a patriarch civilization, is on the wane. Picking up momentum is love, which will express itself through a matriarch guided civilization. Don’t worry, love has one purpose, to connect, which eventually takes it to inclusiveness, not separation which is a predominant theme during a patriarch time.

The pendulum’s swing will be fully into the feminine energies as of December 21, 2012. The Mayans accurately predicted that, on the Winter Solstice 2012, the end of the world as we know it, a patriarch dominated civilization will come to an official end. But for those responding to the swing, toward connecting, toward the feminine aspect, it’s just the official date for the rebirth one more time of a matriarchs guided time. And even then, it will not be the same. Look at the level of connectedness we now have on the planet from all those responding to this transfer of power, to this transfer of energy guiding us.

To get more understanding for you personally, be sure and tune in to the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon during Gemini on May 27. Then you may know just how to implement this year’s energy into your life, your profession, and of course those ever so important relationships in your life.

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