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Emperor Capricorn Turned Over to Capricorn Goddess

December 23rd, 2011 · No Comments · Capricorn, General, Moon Goddess


Moongoddess RA 150x150 Emperor Capricorn Turned Over to Capricorn GoddessMoon Goddess’s New Moon

Delve deep into your inner realms as it’s the Moon Goddess’s dark moon time. You can’t see her, but you sure can feel her if you’re receptive.   The Moon Goddess’s dark beams will be tugging on the liquids in your body, just like she pulls on the ocean waters which lap up on the seashores. Instead of having your emotions throw you to and fro, you could surf your emotional waters right into your intuitive nature. That’s lot more fun, without the drama!

Emperor Capricorn Turns Over to Capricorn Goddess

The Moon Goddess partnered with Aquarius to help in the shift of the cosmic energies over from the Emperor Capricorn to the Capricorn Goddess. The Emperor Capricorn turned over his cosmic scepter to the Capricorn Goddess and then withdrew into the background. The Emperor Capricorn won’t continue to be the “king or queen maker” though, pulling the strings from behind as he did during the patriarch era.

Emperor Capricorn, the Power Behind the Throne

With all the charm the Emperor Capricorn could muster, he did try to entice the Capricorn Goddess with all the power, fame and money she could ever want if she would just let him continue to be in charge. Of course as the Goddess, she could be out front, the spokesperson; he would just continue to be the power behind the throne. The Capricorn Goddess wasn’t be the least bit tempted though, as Love is her quest, not power or dominion over other people. She just smiled her knowing smile and politely said no, but gave gratitude to him.

Heart Smarts, not the Most Intelligent

Being the smartest has no lure for her either which the Emperor Capricorn prided.  The Capricorn Goddess wants to develop her “heart smarts” instead. She wants to fully Love with her mind, while thinking with her heart.  Then she’ll be able to deal with any and all challenges in a heartfelt way.  Those attributes she will be emitting to you also if you imbibe her energies.

Connect Through Wearing Capricorn Goddess Colors

The Capricorn Goddess wields three colors as she weaves her tapestry of energies into your consciousness to help you connect with her energies. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, wear deep violets, dark crimson reds and deep robust gold.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere for a deeper connection with the Capricorn Goddess’s energies, wear lavenders, magenta, and bright sunshine yellows.

Proving Your Worth

The Capricorn Goddess will be showering your consciousness to make the shift from getting your adrenaline rush from being powerful; by proving your worth from making copious amounts of money.  The Capricorn will be helping you to discover the worth you already have inside of you, without your having to prove it to anyone through your outer actions. You can’t earn someone’s love, no matter how much you give them.  Respect, yes.  Envy, yes. Love, no.  Love is an inner feeling that connects you, heart-to-heart.

Put Love into the Equation

The Capricorn Goddess says if you put Love into the equation, no longer do you have the wide extremes of matter and spirit.  The Goddess of Love is here now, permeating the physical realm. By infusing Love into matter or the physical realm, you shift to making money, what calls to your heart; not the stature of your mind.

Time More Important than Money

Also with Love leading the way, time will soon be more important than money.  Time for you, your family, those you love.  Instead of working so much that you have no time so you buy expensive gifts, you might enjoy doing creative projects together that result in tangible objects that will be more prized than store bought gifts.

The Capricorn Goddess is just beginning her reign. The  moonbeams will be amplifying the Capricorn Goddess’s energies.  Then you’ll be able to connect with even more of her wonder and the energetic gifts that she will be bestowing on you.


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