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Capricorn Forecast For All Zodiac Signs – PT 1 Will Energy

January 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Capricorn, General

CapricornEB Capricorn Forecast For All Zodiac Signs   PT 1 Will Energy

Capricorn: Forecast For All Zodiac Signs 2010-2011


Would you like to be extra smart, become successful in what you set out to do?  Then imbibe the Capricorn energies from December 22 to January 21.  If you do, you’ll soon discover why Capricorns are the smartest of all the Zodiac signs. This energy is free for the taking as it is being transmitted to everyone, not just those born as a Capricorn. It really only takes about 30 days to get the smart muscles going on all cylinders, which you can then maintain if you learn the lessons well that Capricorn has to offer.

Old Ledges Often Need Revisited

Capricorns will be receiving extra doses of this energy, especially on their birthday, which will bring to the forefront another aspect of their zodiac blueprint to fulfill.  This keeps them from ever getting bored as the next ridge of the mountain appears in their consciousness to climb. Sometimes, it’s an old ledge that needs revisited to get all the benefits that were offered. 

You Will Never Be Bored

No matter what zodiac sign you are a transmitter for, you will never get bored if you embrace the cosmic monthly energies to the fullest. Each month there is a newness which, when held close, can keep unlocking new facets in your consciousness.


The symbols are two, a formidable mountain and a goat.  The goat perseveres, not becoming distracted until the top is reached.   The goat is way too smart to go the direct route, but sways back and forth from one side of the path to the other, reaching the pinnacle.  Once on the crest of the mountain, out in the distance, the Capricorn goat will see a new and higher mountain to climb, which becomes the new vision to pursue.

Will Energy Invokes Courage

There are three distinct energies, Will, Balance and Manifestation, to welcome into your life this month.  The first is Will, one of the two principal energies that guide this sector of the cosmos.  Will is a very strong energy that cuts anything that is put in its path to keep it from manifesting its objective. You’re going to be really stoked when you consciously embrace this energy, as it activates the quality or virtue of courage.  There is no such thing as a coward, Will energy embodies fearlessness.  As it is very strong, you’ll be propelled to be tenacious, to just never give up.  The pioneer part of you, the adventurer that goes beyond what you presently know, comes to the surface causing not fear, but excitement.

Self Discipline Comes Naturally

Self discipline is a must to not be bowled over by this energy, but know you will naturally feel driven to do manual labor or exercise, as this energy demands a physical outlet.  You won’t be sorry as this accounts for much of your success, as when your body is really expending itself, your mind becomes so much clearer, activating your smart muscles. 

Pioneers Respond To Big Shift in Cosmos

There is a shift in the cosmos at the moment, the Sun is moving through, almost to the end of a belt of Will energy. There is a huge transition happening right now, as the Sun is starting to permeate the other of the two principal energies or duality.  This is Love energy which is not an outward energy but pulls you in, to connect, unfold your intuition.  Those responding to Will energy are the pioneers, turning outer strength into inner strength so that Love will flourish.  They are the vanguards.

Love Permeates

Most people are terrified of love no matter how much they say they want it. During Capricorn, with your courage and passion for adventure pouring through you, you have the opening to make this turn around inside yourself.  Become more loving and connecting with first yourself, which will permeate everything you do and everyone you come in contact with.  Then who and what you attract begins to be drawn to the love you are radiating. Isn’t that wonderful; you don’t have to prove how good you are, to yourself or anyone else.  Love attracts those of similar frequencies. Will teaches you through discovering yourself through differences, those opposite to you.

Qualities or Virtues of Will

Courage, pioneering, self discipline, inner strength, tenacious and humility are the qualities to emulate during Capricorn.

Negative Qualities or Vices to Transform

Excessive risk taker, fanatic with discipline, too controlling, overly strong, stubborn, abusive and arrogance are the negative qualities that are positive qualities in the making that have as yet, not matured.

You want everything that Will energy has to offer you this year, leading you right to your heart, the love inside of you. To become not only smart but most wise, you will want to incorporate Capricorn’s two other energies as well.

Will Produces Three Types of Leaders

The Will energy that arrives in Capricorn is in winter and behind the scenes leadership is activated.  After all, Capricorn energy is so very smart, that it knows that being the “king maker”, the one behind the throne often gets much more done than the one up in front, taking all the hits.

Go as far as you can this month fully imbibing Will energy which comes around three times each zodiac year, during Capricorn, Aries and Leo. The Vernal or Spring Equinox, around March 21, heralds Aries Will pioneering energy which propels Mother Earth on her new adventure, her annual trek around the Sun. Aries Will energy lasts from March 21 to April 19.

Then, in summer from July 23 to August 23, Leo’s Will energy arrives again compelling you to learn by being an out-front leader, not hidden away.

Don’t dilute this Will energy, accept it fully!

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