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Capricorn Forecast For All Signs 2010-2011 PT2 Balance or Karma Energy

January 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Capricorn, General

CapricornEB Capricorn Forecast For All Signs 2010 2011 PT2 Balance or Karma Energy

Capricorn: Forecast for 2010-2011

Pt 2 Balance or Karma Energy

Capricorn has three energies; Will, Balance/Karma and Manifestation. (Part 1 of this series was Capricorn’s Will energy)

Balance is the second energy that is down pouring on your consciousness during Capricorn. Grab it; cling to it! Balance or Karma Energy brings to your forefront, areas where you made it and are no longer expressing yourself in an unbalanced, extreme way.  It’s a time to really be proud of yourself!  It’s quite a journey to develop these virtues or positive qualities.

How Wealthy Are You?

But that is one reason why you incarnated; to awaken dormant virtues and to balance those that are already well in progress. The more virtues you develop, the more intrinsic wealth you possess.

How Do Your Friends Describe You?

When you friends describe you, most of the time they speak about your virtues or qualities like friendly, kind, generous, sweet, loving, caring, strong, intelligent, wise, patient, humble; the list goes on.  When you look at your assets, be sure and take into account your virtues.

Stop the Swing with Capricorn’s Help

Wouldn’t you like some help to pull out of your extreme, out of control behavior that you just can’t seem to stop?  Capricorn’s Balance energy does just that, it helps you stop the swing, at least long enough to come out of the trance you are in.  It is true that you will repeat the same tired scenarios over and over until you fully develop the virtue that you need, but it is a lot easier if you know what is going on.

Patience Virtue or Quality of Balance Energy

For instance, how many experiences do you think it takes you going through to develop patience? How many times have you said to yourself, “If I just had some patience, it would have turned out so differently?”  For sure, patience is indeed one of the most difficult virtues to fully arrive at the center, but when you do finally develop it, it is yours to keep, lifetime after lifetime.  Best yet this month, Patience is a virtue that is part of Balance energy, one of the big three Capricorn energies.

What Makes You Unique?

When you are born, you bring with you the virtues that you developed in prior lives or other dimensions.  What makes you unique from other people are the virtues that you possess and can express in the physical realm in a positive sense.  Also, what makes you different is the virtues in the making or vices that you also brought with you into this incarnation. Before you can express them in a constructive way, at least consistently, they require you to go through more life’s experiences until you are able to balance them. At one level, that’s what life’s journey is all about.

Hard to Be Humble When You’re Really Smart

Of course this is a bit cerebral, or mind blogging, and you could never get your emotional nature involved; it needs juicy dramas to learn from and express its feelings. Still, once you act out the same emotional scenarios over and over, you do finally wake up, get it and come to the center with the needed virtue balanced.  Besides Patience, Humility is the other hardest virtue to balance. But during Capricorn, you’ve got lots of help. Humility is a Capricorn virtue, quite a journey when you are so smart, to be humble also.

Courage a Virtue of Will Energy

Contrary to popular belief, you are not being punished. You get to bring those virtues in the making, no matter what vice stage you are currently expressing, into balance.  Your real life’s tools are the virtues you have already developed.  For example, if you have previously developed the virtue of Courage or are close, you will go through life much differently. If you get caught in a temporary victim scenario, by expressing Courage, you can rest assured you will move out of it into a heroine stance; it is just a matter of time and repeat experiences.  Courage belongs to Will Energy which is in abundant supply during Capricorn.

Mother Earth and Saturn Both Embody Balance Energy

Mother Earth herself embodies Balance energy, which accounts for why there are so many extremes always going on, at the same time. As Mother Earth’s inhabitants, we are always a part of what’s going on with her.

Saturn is the other planet in our Solar System that embodies Balance or Karma Energy. During Capricorn, there’s a cosmic link between Mother Earth and Saturn.  Wherever Saturn is in your astrological birth chart indicates your long term or past life karma, both positive and unresolved issues which is being brought up for you to become more aware.

Life Is Not Unfair No Matter How It Seems

It may look as if life is unfair, but it’s not if you understand the bigger picture.  The ultimate role to develop is the heroine, who expresses an abundance of virtues and is genuinely in service.  However, it takes a lot of balancing of extremes to express yourself through that role consistently.  Until then, you swing back and forth from being a victim to being a villain trying to slough off your hurts in a harmful way.  So naturally there are a lot more victims and villains than heroines, which can be quite overpowering and definitely looks unfair. Of course, that’s how a heroine is made; saving the victims and triumphing over the villains.  Be one of the few that make it to heroine, that’s the ultimate service as others will mimic you and you close the inequality between the roles. Without you as a role model, often as people look around and see the villains winning, at least in the short term, they think, “Life is Unfair, so why shouldn’t I take what I want”.

More Difficult to Be Heroine to Yourself

Caution, the energies are shifting though and to be a real heroine now, you have to have saved your own victim self. Likewise, you must have triumphed over your own harmful villain side. That’s much more difficult than helping those outside of you.  But it can be done! That’s why you are here on Mother Earth, right now in this most incredible of all times.

Three Times a Year

Balance energy is transmitted three times a year from outside the cosmos, reigning down on you and Mother Earth. One emission is in summer, during Cancer where nothing is hidden; all out front.  The second time is in Libra at the beginning of autumn, which most will agree is the most beautiful time of the year.  You’re enticed to find the beauty, the virtues that make up your essence and add more.  The third time is now during Capricorn, during the winter when you naturally stay more inside and can make more time to be reflective, driving you to look even deeper into yourself. With Saturn’s influence, you can often find even the hidden vices that keep sabotaging you and bring them to the light where you can then deal with them.

Qualities or Virtues of Balance Energy

Patience, fairness, accountability, diplomacy and trust are some of the Balance energy virtues.  Just imagine the life you will lead as you develop these virtues.  Life is really worthwhile when you understand the underlying foundation of dualities it is based on. Even better, each time you develop a virtue, you start to unhook from dualities which keep you immersed into swinging between extremes.

Negative Qualities or Vices to Mature Into Virtues

Impatient, unfair, justifies, blame, indecisive and untrustworthy are some of the negative qualities that are positive qualities in the making that have as yet, not matured.  You have one full zodiac month to make great strides.

Capricorn is always profound and you get to test yourself at each family gathering, seeing your growth from last year. Be present as you give presents.

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