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Cancer Gives You Piece of Cosmic Puzzle – Family

July 1st, 2012 · No Comments · Cancer, General

CancerNoBorder 150x150 Cancer Gives You Piece of Cosmic Puzzle   FamilyWhat’s most magical about the cosmos, especially the zodiac teachers, is that they transmit messages to you that to help you unravel the meaning of life. Without help, life can sometimes be most intimidating.

Life is Set Up Like a Game

It’s set up like a game, but a most advanced one.  You are born without an owner’s manual, no instructions for the game, and no memory of your past. You have to figure it out by the seat of your pants most of the time, learning only from the experiences you goes through.

Look Back in Hindsight

Looking back in hindsight you exclaim, “So that’s what that was all about. What I learned was well worth it, but I’d certainly like to find some easier methods”.  Then you start your search.

Cosmos Gives Answers for Your Behavior

That very well could be exactly what brought you to astrology, to study the cosmos’ effect on your behavior. The Zodiac Goddesses do their best to not overwhelm you, working together like a relay team. Each zodiac month, one of the Zodiac Goddesses takes the cosmic stage and transmits her message to you, primarily focusing on one facet of life or piece of the puzzle, helping you unravel it. By the time you’ve connected with all the Zodiac Goddesses, delving deeply into yourself and applying all that they have to teach, you have all the pieces of the puzzle put together.

Life No Longer Daunting

Then life is not so daunting, but enthralling as you live life in a more conscious way. You begin to spot what’s happening in the moment, not waiting until the dramatic experience is over to glean your understanding and wisdom.

Another Opportunity Next Zodiac Year

Now, of course, each of the individual pieces of the Zodiac puzzle are huge in themselves, but don’t anguish.  Whatever you didn’t realize this year, you get to do again the next zodiac year when that particular Zodiac Goddess occupies the cosmic stage again.

Lifts You Out of Stuck Places

Plus, you don’t get too bogged down and lost into any one piece of the puzzle that’s incomprehensible at the time.  The next lunar month, a new Zodiac Goddess takes the stage, lifting you out of what you might have got stuck in and begins relaying her messages to you.

Cancer’s Piece of Puzzle

The Cancer Goddess’s piece of the Zodiac puzzle radiates energies and messages to you about your family which can be your blood family, extended family or even global family.  It all depends on your expansion of consciousness, as well as who you are interacting with today.

Repeat Until You Get It Right

Life resembles much the movie Ground Hog Day starring Bill Murray in which he kept repeating the same day over and over until he got it right. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to find it in the old movie sections; it’s still a classic. While you are being entertained, you’ll be learning something most profound.

Not a Day But a Lifetime

You’re very much like Bill Murray, it’s not about just a day though; it’s a lifetime.  You keep playing the same act again and again, each time more determined to get it right.

Formative Years 0-7

Cancer helps you focus on those lessons that began more specifically with whoever your family was from the age of 0-7.  Those are your formative years, and lessons that you began learning at that time continue with you year after year until you truly solve their riddle.

Emotional Legacy

Your parents, even if they left you and you lived with your grandparents from 0-7 or in an orphanage, they still affect you greatly, especially emotionally. Some are positive role models that you could mimic and emulate. Others helped you discover yourself by being so different than your parents or those who raised you.  To further evolution, the lessons these people were not able to solve, being too complex, are left to you to complete.  That’s your emotional legacy.

Both Intent on Winning

Now, you may not even be around those people today or they may have died.  Still until the lessons are learned, you just attract new co-actors to interact with you. If your current players lose their emotional zest to play with you and abandon you, the lessons march on.   You will attract another actor or actress just waiting in the wings to take their place; one just like you, intent on winning this time as well. The solution in the patriarch civilization revolved around becoming more powerful. Now in the matriarch inspired era, your resolution must involve love as well.

Is This New or From the Past?

During Cancer, if you find yourself in a relationship drama, you might sit down and reflect.  Is this a new issue, or is this one that I’m replicating once again? If it’s a repeat, especially with a new person this time, realize that you keep drawing people to yourself so you can truly end up a winner in this tired old scenario.  It’s one that’s most significant in your conscious evolution.

Acting Out All Parts

Another important piece to realize that sometimes, in order to try to understand a situation from long ago, you act out all the parts. Many of my clients realized that when they had their own families, they far too often took on the role of one of their parents. They found themselves acting just like the parents they rebelled against.  Don’t despair, if that’s you, appreciate you’ve played out both parts now and can look for a higher solution.

Might Be Siblings

It’s not always parents either, sometimes it’s between you and siblings. Still it’s for you to awaken to the relationship drama you now find yourself in and grasp it’s not about now.  You’ve just forgotten that it started long ago and the emotions you now feel are compounded, built up over many years. You may be trying to hurl toxins that you are still trying to expel from the past on people today. Likewise, the other person may be doing the same to you, poisoning you with long submerged feelings.

Familial Lessons

The family lesson is still yours to solve and you can do it during Cancer this year.  The Cancer Goddess is transmitting to you her zodiac energies to help you awaken to just this and is showering you with resolutions as well.

Moon Goddess Spotlights Cancer

Connect with her, especially during the Moon Goddess’s new moon and full moon times that occur while the Cancer Goddess is on the zodiac stage.  The Moon Goddess always amplifies the Zodiac Goddess’s energies that is on the zodiac stage at the time. It’s like having two spotlights on you, not just one.

Family is Cancer’s Piece of the Puzzle

Family is the piece of the puzzle that is yours to unfold during Cancer. You can do it, advancing you to unravel another piece of the puzzle of life itself.



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