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Cancer Characteristics

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(June 21 to July 22)

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You are our homemaker, the parent, a maintainer that will be there year after year, someone that we can depend on. You have a mission, a destiny to perform which is most important. Actually, you are responsible for the survival of humanity; how about that for a big responsibility?

No wonder you often become a martyr sacrificing yourself, putting your family before your own needs. Cancer is synonymous with family and it is in your home where you express yourself to the fullest. If something is not practical or has no benefit to your family, you have little interest. But you are always on the hunt for the best deal and know just where to look for anything that is needed in the home.

And while the bigger picture may be that we are all one family, your task is to look after your own; those you gave birth to or those that you have taken into your home. We used to think of this sign as the mother sign, but now with single dads, stay-at-home dads, all that is changing. Still, it’s the mothering, nurturing sign of the Zodiac, no matter what your gender is.

Energies: Balance energy expressing itself as fairness and manifestation energy expressing itself as survival.

Balance Energy

You have two energies that are predominant, fully activated in every cell of your body. The first is balance which expresses itself as fairness. You can be very personable, adaptable, easy to get along with, unless you perceive one of your children or those under your care being mistreated, and then emerges the champion of the underdog. You could liken this part of you to a lioness with her cubs; no one is going to hurt your family.

Manifestation Energy

The second energy is manifestation which is really another way of saying survival energy that has gotten itself all the way from spirit to the physical realm. You are only interested in what’s practical in this energy; what’s useful that will directly, in this moment, benefit your family.

Virtues: Organized, practical and fair.


You pay attention to every detail; nothing gets by you. You are great with keeping the budget because you fully understand that you cannot expend more than you take in, whether it’s food or money.


If whatever is being touted does not produce direct and immediate benefit, you are not swayed by talk of the future or staying stuck in the past. You want to know if it enables your family to survive right here and now; the present is where you live.


If it’s not fair, you are not interested, at least for long. And you instill that in your family; live a life of fairness, even when many fall for the trap of “life’s not fair”, which justifies taking what they want. You believe what you sow, you will reap, or for every action there is a reaction and you act accordingly.

Vices: Controlling, over protective and martyr.

Your vices are really just the learning curve that it takes before arriving at balance or to a virtue. So do not despair, just keep becoming more skillful as you go through each experience.


You mean well, but if you are fearful, you will be so controlling, trying to ensure the survival of your family, that you can be stifling.


You take on way too much, preferring to do it all yourself instead of delegating. It goes without saying you often create dependency. Usually, it is only after your children grow up that you begin to blossom yourself.

Over Protective

When your children are born, if you are a woman, many times you become so over protective, that you turn your husband into a villain. “Don’t hurt my child”, don’t do this, don’t do that. And all the attention now goes to the children, when before their birth, you probably babied your husband, giving him attention he thought he would get forever.


As long as the subject is family, you’re very versatile when it comes to vocations. As fairness is always paramount in your mind, you could be a great family lawyer, mediator or even a Supreme Court Judge like Cancer, Sonia Maria Sotomayor.

You also make a fabulous real estate agent or broker if you specialize in family homes, as you will know the house that is just right for each kind of family. Also, any job that requires great detail is a natural for you; from being a car detailer to an accountant. You definitely will feel more comfortable if you can work from home, and if you cannot, you will decorate your office to be very homey.

Any business that helps single moms or dads, daycare centers for children or for aging parents, will get the best from you. You would adore being a nanny also. Your versatility and creativity, when it comes to your area of expertise, is unbeatable. Since you’ve helped your children with so many crafts and school projects, there is nothing you cannot do when it comes to the home environment. Did I say chef, you’re a natural!

Relationship Compatibility

Just make sure the person you pick loves the family, whether it’s children, pets or your parents. If not, you’ll feel cheated in life. You’ll feel really comfortable with Libra’s and can talk up a storm with each other and justice is something that is very important to both of you.

For romance, Capricorn is your opposite sign; you herald the beginning of summer and Capricorn proclaims winter. That creates a magnetic pull that can be sexually satisfying and keeps you wanting more. An Aries is also a good match, if you are willing to be adaptable and put down a home wherever your Aries partner will be drawn to next.

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