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CANCER: Astrology Forecast 2010

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Cancer, General

CancerBTB3 CANCER: Astrology Forecast 2010


Astrology Forecast for Cancer

Our focus is on Cancer this month from June 22nd through July 22nd. Each sign of the Zodiac has a particular energy each month. We all feel it, but it is felt strongest by those born during that month. Since we all feel it, we can choose to ignore it or consciously embrace it. If we embrace it, we can use that energy to develop the virtues of each sign to our own benefit.

It’s like a twelve month personal improvement program, utilizing this monthly forecast to guide us. If you don’t fully develop all of the positive attributes of Cancer this month, there is always next year when it rolls around again.

Energies of Cancer

Survival energy dominates during Cancer. Whether in your personal life, the workplace, or your community; this is an excellent opportunity to handle your current financial survival .  Watch for opportunities in unexpected areas. A budget is important, keep track of all income and curb expenses.

Balance energy also dominates during Cancer. While making sure that you are financially secure and able to survive, you must also be balanced. If your spending is out of control due to temporary extremes, this is a good time to come back into balance.

You must learn the “balance” between giving and receiving. This is not just confined to finance, but to relationships as well. Do you give more than you receive or take more than you give? Balance is attained when these two actions are equal. Cancer is the perfect time to bring all areas of your life into balance.


Cancer is known as the “Parent” sign.  Cancer is also practical, caring, cost-effective and a survivor.


Cancer tends to be a martyr, self-sacrificing, taking advantage of others and decisions are more often fear based.


Utilizing the energies during Cancer, this is the best time to take control of your home, your checkbook and your budget.  Use your common sense abilities and get it all organized and in balance.

If your home is unorganized, and you are spending more than you earn, this is the perfect time to take action!  Clean and organize your living space one area at a time. You can even donate unused items which will appeal to your practical side.  Once your living space is free of chaos, you can concentrate on your financial survival.

When you create a budget that works for you and brings your spending into balance with your earnings, stick to it.  It is better to face the problem head on, since it won’t go away by itself.

Intimate Relationships

Don’t let financial issues come between you and your loved ones.  Figure out all of your needs, each contributing their part, and put balance back into your life.  If you make a plan together, no one will feel left out.

You will be amazed at the reduced stress level once the plan goes into action.  Enjoy the renewed intimacy level when you have balance in your budget and in your relationship.


Inspire your partner, your children, your whole family to become financially secure.  By including them in the creation of a plan that will insure your survival as a family, you have shared the responsibilities as well. The children will learn that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”.  They will also feel that their ideas are of value, thus developing a feeling of self worth.

Make sure that the plan has written details that cover every family member’s responsibilities.  This will eliminate any questions once the plan is operational.  Never change the plan without calling a “family meeting”.  This keeps everyone in the “loop” since this is a joint-venture as a family.

Review your plan together, as a family, every couple of months.  Make any necessary adjustment, accepting the things that work and rejecting those that don’t. This will insure the plan’s survival for the long term.

Watch your credit card spending.  Make a plan to pay off the balances, and keep them paid off each month. Living beyond your means is a huge stress on the family.  Use your practical, common sense approach to spending. If you can’t afford it today, chances are you won’t be able to afford it in 30 days when the bill comes due.


As an employee, ensure that you are balanced by providing what you are being paid for.  Working overtime without pay is not a balance because giving and receiving is not equal.  Make sure you are doing the best job you can so you can feel good about collecting your paycheck.

As an employer, make sure your company is cost effective in order to survive. Have an open door policy so employees will be encouraged to suggest new approaches to problem areas.


Once you have your personal finances in order and in balance, it is time to give back to the community at a local, state or federal level.  During these most difficult times, your community service is certainly needed in the financial arena. Your attention to detail will be in great demand.



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