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Be the Child That Never Grew Up

June 27th, 2012 · No Comments · Gemini, General

This month, the Zodiac Gemini Twin Goddesses are radiating energies inviting everyone of you, not just those born during Gemini, to awaken your youthful heart and spirit. Reclaim your innocence this month, be the child that never grew up.  Look at the world in awe, in wonder, maybe even giggle a time or two.

Gemini Twin Goddesses Exude Love Energy

It’s Love energy that the Gemini Twin Goddesses are exuding and if you’re receptive, can permeate every cell and pore of your body.  As that happens, the rigid, inflexible, too strong and controlling aspects of you start to slough off.

Real You Can Bubble Up

The real you can then bubble up, beneath all those disguises that were intended to keep you safe until it was time. That time is now, you can begin to emerge, move toward the light that is beckoning you.

Who Are You Now?

Be prepared though, as this process takes place, you may feel like you just don’t know who you are anymore, as one mask after another drops from your consciousness. I bet it feels so good though; you’re not going to try to stop it, put on the brakes.

Goddess of Love Permeates

After all, the Goddess of Love is pervading the physical realm now, glowing Love not just during Gemini but all year long. Even though that’s the predominant energy that is overshadowing, it still must intermingle with all other energies of the Zodiac Goddesses.

Preview of Your Future

Still during Gemini, there are no other energies, only Love energy, the same as the Goddess of Love’s energy.  That’s why the childlike part of you can come forward more easily during Gemini. You’re getting a preview of who you will become in the future as you begin to assimilate and adapt into the matriarch culture.

Heart Journey Being Drawn Toward

Then you’ll begin to Love With Your Mind and Think With Your Heart. That’s the heart journey that you are being drawn toward during the matriarch era that is now beginning to sprout.

What Will Happen As You Make Shift?

Ponder what will happen as you make the shift from thinking with your mind to loving with your heart. That’s when seeing the world through childlike eyes will be natural again and when the magic occurs. Separation dissolves and uniting begins; whether it’s with humans, animals, mammals, plants, fairies or those in other dimensions.

Heart Thinking

Then muse what will occur as you formulate thinking with your heart. You won’t be pulled into one emotional drama after another with your feelings askew, out of control swinging between the extremes. Instead, what will emerge will be heart thinking and heartfelt relationships.

The Future Is Now!


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