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Autumn Equinox 2010: How to capture the energies of the Autumn Equinox Moon

September 17th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, September Equinox

MoonGoddess032810Mid copy1 Autumn Equinox 2010: How to capture the energies of the Autumn Equinox Moon



How to capture the energies of the Moon Goddess’s Autumn Equinox Moon

Are you ready for the most beautiful of all of the Moon Goddess’s Full Moons?   In September, the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon will look grander and more illuminated than any other time of the year.  It is not really larger; technically, it’s just the position of Mother Earth in relation to the Sun that makes it look that way.  But then, who is concerned with the mechanical details when the Moon Goddess is sending her captivating and mesmerizing moon beams to you.

EcMoon Autumn Equinox 2010: How to capture the energies of the Autumn Equinox Moon

Moon Goddess’s Monthly Trek

Besides haven’t you noticed each time the Moon Goddess returns from her monthly trek around Mother Earth, she looks like a new woman. She goes away each month to be illuminated by the Sun’s up-to-the-minute sun rays from his latest travels. The early Native Americans wisely gave the Moon Goddess a new name each time she appeared, as she imbues a different quality each and every month to bestow on us.

Fall Arrives

The Moon Goddess’s name this month usually is the Harvest Moon which is the name given for the Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  Yet when the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon falls within the same time period of the Autumn Equinox itself, it could be called the Moon Goddess’s Autumn Equinox Moon.  This occurs in 2010.  The Autumn Equinox announces the end of summer and the beginning of fall each year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Equinox and Full Moon Times

The Autumn Equinox takes place this year just a few hours earlier, on Wednesday evening September 22, at 7:23 pm PDT.  Followed shortly thereafter, the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon occurs early in the morning on Thursday, September 23, at 2:17 am PDT.

Autumn Equinox Has a Message for You

What a fabulous full moon this year. The Moon Goddess’s Full Moon’s energies will be amplifying the energies of the Autumn Equinox, transmitting its message of balance to you.  The Sun is moving from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere, a time when night and day is the most equal. Notice, I said most, as it is not exact.  If you want to go where night and day are truly equal you will want to go to the equator where there is actually twelve hours of sunlight each and every day.

No Separation but Wholeness

Symbolically the Northern Hemisphere represents the male aspects within you and the Southern Hemisphere represents your feminine facets.  Your male side expresses itself more through your mind and your physical body. Your feminine part articulates through your feelings and intuition.   At the time of the equinox, there is no separation of parts, but wholeness; it is even a more pronounced time this year with the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon intensifying this time of unity.

Start Readying Yourself at the New Moon Time

Why not prepare consciously for this time? Truly experience its profoundness? If you are up for it, start preparing two weeks ahead at the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time which is Wednesday, September 8 at 3:30 am PDT.  You may think, ” Oh I will be sound asleep then, and besides I can’t see the Moon Goddess anyway at her New Moon”.  That may be true, but are you ever really asleep or just off in some other dimension while your body snores away?  Do not be surprised if your dreams are even richer or you wake up suddenly, knowing something important just happened.

Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year

Religions have been using the New and Full Moon’s for eons to mark important spiritual days.  At sundown on September 8th, it will also mark the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Muslim’s Eid ul-Fitr

If you miss the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time, her crescent moon will appear in the sky two to three nights later. That’s when the Muslims will celebrate Eid ul-Fitr marking the ending of Ramadan which started with the last crescent moon. For some that will occur on September 10, others September 11.

Prepare Your Physical Body

Three days before the Equinox Full Moon, on September 19, if you are going to embrace the Moon Goddess’s Equinox Full Moon, you will want to prepare your physical body to withstand the intensity of the upcoming energies.   Walking is always a winner, getting your body amped up but with a balanced gait.

Groom Your Feelings

Two days ahead of the Equinox Full Moon, on September 20, you want to groom your feelings until they express the most beautiful emotional tones radiating the true inner you.

Raise Your Thoughts to Inspiration

One day prior to the Equinox Full Moon, on September 21, raise your thoughts to one of inspiration. Then your mind will be uplifted to come up with plans to implement tomorrow’s energies.

Consciously Receive Profound Energies

On the Equinox Full Moon period which begins twelve hours ahead of the actual Full Moon time itself at 2:17 pm, PDT on September 22, you are ready to consciously begin receiving these profound and illuminating energies.  Make sure at 7:23 pm, PDT you do something meaningful to welcome Autumn, the prettiest time of the year. Wear your most beautiful attire and bask in these energies.  And spend your evening having a wonderful relationship with the most beautiful of all moons of the year.  Enjoy!

Review the Astrological Year

For three days after the Moon Goddess’s Equinox Full Moon, integrate these energies.  The first day afterward is a time to review your astrological year, as you are now six months into it which began on the Vernal Equinox March 21.  You have six months more to go to truly integrate this year’s theme of Beauty.  Do not let the year go by without becoming the most beautiful person you can become, both inside and out.

Beautify Your Emotions

The second day later, balance your emotions by beautifying them the most possible which always starts with the tone of your voice.  It is not as much about what you say as the tone you say it with.

I Really Like Myself

The last day, the third day, is a time to express balance through your physical body. Walk with your most beautiful balanced stride that says, “I really like myself” as you saunter into autumn.



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