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Astrology Forecast for Aries 2010

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Aries, General

AriesRed2 Astrology Forecast for Aries 2010



Astrology Forecast for Aries

March 21 to April 20, 2010 (General For All Sun Signs)

Aries, often nicknamed the Volcano sign, lived up to its reputation again this year with the Iceland volcano erupting on the first day of Aries, March 21, 2010. This could be an omen and a prediction for the rest of the astrological year.

Why Aries Likened to Volcano?

Why is Aries likened to a volcano? Because Aries brings in two energies: Will expressing itself as destruction and manifestation expressing itself as creation.

What that means to you personally astrologically is in Pisces 2010, February 18 to March 20, you had the opportunity to consciously bring closure to anything in your life that was not working with love and compassion.

Then when Aries began, only what you were not conscious of, still buried in your subconscious would be brought to the surface with an eruption. You could view Aries as your friend, helping you become aware of what you could not yourself see. However, if during Pisces, you knew what you should bring closure to but could not, resisted, dragged your feet so to speak, then Aries can indeed feel destructive and harsh to you.

Mother Earth Starts New Adventure

Aries arrives each and every year at the Vernal Equinox announcing spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is when Mother Earth starts her new adventure, commencing her yearly trek around the Sun, taking us with her. It will not be the same as last year though, as the Sun is moving through a new band in the sky on its journey around the center of the Milky Way.

The Route to the Feminine is Even More Pronounced

We are now far into Aries and able to grasp, translate the energies we are receiving into words, to give us direction for the new. The route toward connecting with feminine energies is really beginning to speed up, be more pronounced. The dominant male energies that directed us for the past 4000 years are rapidly now being withdrawn.

When you translate these energies, the word or quality for the astrological year is beauty, a real authentic beauty. Not withdrawn, hidden inside, but out in front, big, bold, colorful, neon sparkly. In Aries the colors are vibrant lavender and reddish/magenta hues. As Mother Earth continues on her great adventure, with each seasonal passing, the colors for 2010 will change, but the energy of authentic beauty will stay constant all year long.

Beauty Has Its Own Progression Before Achieving Balance

As beauty is love, brought to the outside for all to see, just envision what you can be like at the end of the year. Beauty is balance; that point right in the center. Beauty has its own progression. Ugliness is the victim or vulnerable stage of beauty yearning to be transformed. In a woman, the femme fatale, or overly beautiful is usually the villainess stage, luring someone into her lair to control. Authentic beauty connects, activating the beauty in another person also.

Physical Authentic Beauty

Physical – Let us start with your physical body. First, you would find the beauty in your body shape, your color of skin, your height, your shape of nose. In other words, you would not try to imitate someone else, but would highlight your own uniqueness, discover what is beautiful or handsome about you. Then of course transform any ugliness, where you did not take care of yourself or tried to hide just who you really are. Dress bold, colorful, neon sparkly, uniquely you. Self discipline, the most sought after virtue during the patriarch reign, this year is not about strength, control but about having the self discipline to accentuate, highlight your own authentic uniqueness in a beautiful way.

Emotions Greatest Expression in Relationships

Emotions – Emotions are expressed in our relationships, with all those meaningful people in your life. To start implementing beauty in your life, start with the tone of your voice, and then graduate to words. Beauty is really love and one of the main purposes of love is to connect, to create intimate unity, cooperation, so the tone of voice you want is one that connects. Again we want authentic beauty, so your accent, just who you are, is beautiful; keep that. What you do want is to connect with the gorgeousness in the other person, which means your tone of voice would be full of acceptance. You would even learn to reject someone with acceptance. See if you can wrap your feelings around that one. Learn how to be rejecting of actions, but accepting of the essence of the meaningful people in your life.

Your Mind Solves Problems of the Heart

Mind – Imagine your thoughts, your plans, and your strategies being expressions of beauty. Your mind would always be solving problems for the heart, your emotions. In other words, the emotions, the feelings about someone or something would take precedence, not the mind telling you what you should be feeling. If the feelings are good, then you come up with a plan to ensure these feelings can be actualized. If you feel hurt or angry, then your mind is going to have to come up with a plan that will allow these feelings to be transformed into beauty. For example, you are in a situation that is very hurtful, you have to figure a way out of that situation. You don’t tell yourself to stuff those feelings, act as if they are not there. Especially during Aries, as there will be one mighty volcanic explosion reaping destruction that you will not be able to take back. Or the volcanic eruption would happen inside of you, causing more hurt to you.

Associate your mind with your profession, your vocation. So what does that tell you this year? To ensure that the hours you spend making money, supporting yourself, your family adds more beauty to the world. Do not add ugliness or its extreme entrapping beauty which puts more attention on the packaging rather than what’s inside.

Helping Others is Spirituality in Action

Spiritual – Actually spirituality in action shows up as being in service, helping someone. And there is always someone you can help, and this year would be to help others find their own beauty and actualize it.

Abundance of Ideas

Just like spring, there are so many sprouts, so many ideas coming in, which ones will you choose to cultivate? Choose with care, as you will have weeds to pull along the way with any idea you choose, so make sure it is something you could have a love affair with all year. But just think, if you can stay focused on beauty for one full Earth year and fully implement this into your life with your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions, who will you be next year? You would be immersed, acting out the best of feminine energies, already into the new age that is starting to dawn.

Go for it and be receptive to lots of surprises this year. Mother Earth is continuing her quest toward turning on her axis, giving us a pole star in the Southern Hemisphere, and just think, we are here at this incredible time in history.

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