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ARIES: Sugar Moon Brings a New Dawn 2010

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess- Sugar Moon Brings a New Dawn

Vernal Equinox Brings a New Dawn – Sugar Moon 2010

Say hello to a new energy, a new dawn coming soon with the Vernal Equinox, the start of spring.

New Sugar Moon

The Sugar Moon begins its phases on March 15, 2010, at 2:01 pm, PDT with its New Moon. If you are tuned in, you could feel the gravitational pull on your emotions from the still hidden new moon as the Earth, Moon and Sun are in alignment.

Your emotions spark your intuition when you connect with the new moon’s energy. The Moon goddess promises more access to your intuitive abilities as you embrace the following seven-day magical full moon period.

March 26 – Physical Day – Self Discipline

You want to prepare your physical body three days prior to the full moon to receive the benefit of the moon’s energy. Focus on the quality of discipline you practice in your life. Give full attention to your body today and develop a wonderful relationship with your body as you want it to be strong, in control and balanced. Your body needs to embrace the full moon energy, not repel it because it is not balanced enough to receive its intensity.

March 27 – Emotional Day – Beauty

Surround yourself with beauty on this emotional day. On the second day prior to the full moon, pay close attention to your outer beauty, as well as, your inner beauty. Dress yourself in such a way that you feel beautiful. Create a unique style just as though you would a pleasing piece of art.

Connect with your inner beauty by recognizing your best qualities; those that allow you to express your love to yourself and others in the world. A simple smile will express your inner and outer beauty to others around you. Stay clear of relationship dramas that will drag you down. You are preparing yourself emotionally to receive the magical energy of the full moon.

March 28 – Mental Day – Inspiration

In order to receive the intuitive impression on the day of the full moon, you will need to prepare your mind, as well as, your body and emotions. Concentrate on the calm and quiet within, repelling any negative chatter around you. A prepared mind will allow you to receive the intuitive impressions from the full moon tomorrow. Instead of being blown away by this very strong energy, you will greet it with welcoming arms and be inspired to greatness.

The Moon Goddess’s gift will open your mind to the psychic realm where your higher-self resides.

Full Sugar Moon, March 29, 2010 7:25 pm PDT

If you are tuned in, you could receive impressions from your higher-self and its directions for you, its avatar, for the upcoming lunar year.

The Sugar Moon is occurring during Aries.

March 30 – Mental Day – Clarity

On the day after the full moon, it’s a day to focus on putting together a plan for the energies you received, put some form to the messages.

March 31 – Emotional Day – Acceptance

Today’s a day to accept yourself, where you are on your journey and with all the parts of you that are still left to balance. Then turn your attention toward those meaningful people in your life and accept them also. Acceptance is the forerunner to unconditional love, to heartfelt relationships.

April 1 – Physical Day – Action

On the last of the seven-day magical full moon period, start implementing what you received until the next New Moon. Let your light take over, shine as the Moon Goddess’s light begins to wane. And it’s April Fool’s Day, a time to bring some humor into your life, to connect with life itself through laughter and a smile.

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