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Aries: Keep Focused On Your Vision Until It Manifests

April 7th, 2011 · No Comments · Aries, General

AriesRed2 Aries: Keep Focused On Your Vision Until It Manifests



ARIES: Keep Focused on Your Vision Until It Manifests

It’s the last week in Aries, a time of newness and changes. Of course, every time you make a major change, there is always some upheaval which takes major coordination. If it is the right change though, after a few bumps and hiccups, the flow begins again with gusto and even better. Patience is the virtue always needed when changes are in progress, often it looks worse now than it did the old way, but then freshness, improvements begin to appear.

Be Ready for Rejection if Catalyst for Change

Be prepared if you are someone that is a catalyst for change, fears abound for those around you many times.  Keep focused on your vision, be ready for rejection and do not retreat.  Especially if your vision came beyond your normal thinking, from wisdom seemingly outside of you, do not give up.  You have the entire astrological year to manifest, massage, find out the detours, get up and back on the road.

How Can the Message Be Beauty?

How can the message for the year be beauty when there is so much upheaval going on in the world right now? Aries started off with a bang literally with the Iceland volcano erupting, and now as Aries ends, another eruption occurred spewing so much ash in the air that flights have been cancelled all over Europe.  Flights that started out in Los Angeles had to turn around.  In Mexico there was a 7.2 earthquake. The statistics are low on deaths, but not on destruction of businesses, property and the like. And another huge earthquake in China, with over 1300 dying and who knows how many lost.  And these are just physical disasters, upheaval. Just in on the news, a 50 foot sinkhole in California just opened up, sucking a parked car into its depth. This is all part of the progression to when a new pole star will be seen from the Southern Hemisphere, not the Northern.

Disasters are Natural Part of Life’s Journey

Disaster is one of the 36 different scenarios we all go through in our progression through humanity. Amazing, but disasters help us actualize our potential. Indeed some are victims which perish, others are villains that loot, rob, take advantage. But there are still others that their heart opens, they are called to help. These are our heroes and heroines, the role that our heart calls us to take.

We are presented with one disaster, either physical or in heart wrenching relationship dramas, one after another, until we finally step up and become our own heroine, not someone having to save us, and we help as many others as we can along our journey. And we all come a bit closer to embracing death, the other side of duality.  Coming to terms, readying ourselves for death, for the most part catapults people into their intuitive, spiritual self.

Rebuild After the Disaster

After a disaster, whether it’s a relationship devastation or physical destruction, we have a chance to rebuild and create beauty.  Most often the path to becoming a better person, to opening up one’s spiritual nature, begins with a crisis or disaster. I would say 98% of the people that originally went into counseling, was during a major crisis in their lives. They did not go because they were in top shape and just wanted to improve themselves.  Luckily, after people handle their crisis, most would continue on the spiritual, more heartfelt path that opened for them.  Almost always, to some degree or another, becoming more humble, letting go of arrogance, was a major lesson for each.  Now they could rebuild their life with beauty…so I’m saying, there is tremendous opportunity that comes with disasters and crisis.

Horrible Man Made Destruction in 1945

You are aware of the Hiroshima bombing that occurred in 1945 and its destruction. Now, in 2010 Hiroshima is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, which is saying a lot, as there are countless beautiful cities there.

United States in Political and Economic Upheaval

The United States is in political and economic upheaval. Our form of government became one of the elite, congress and senators voting on health care, social security or any issue that they exempted themselves from. We will never have a just political system until it is an inclusive one.  Every politician or leader must lead by passing laws that they would want for themselves, their families, children and their parents or grandparents. Until then, the government will continue to be torn apart, dismantled right in front of our very eyes.    

Piscean Form of Government Being Destroyed

That’s the old Piscean form of government; yes, it is being destroyed without a doubt.  We are now in the Aquarian age, it is a time of specialists.  And yes, people are speaking up, but do know within the Tea Party movement, any movement, there are those that are pure and of service and those that are not.  That is up to us to discern.  Also, these same idealistic people will have to go through their own learning lessons, especially about power, money and fame.

Power and Relationships

Remember all the bright, new green people going to Washington, go with their own weaknesses and addictions. In other words, each person has a price, lobbyists just find the weakness; whether it be sex, drugs, alcohol, family, money, fame or power.  During the patriarch reign, power was the easiest to lure someone in.  And most of those that sold out for power had awful relationships.

Arrogance Being Destroyed

If you understand the big picture, that indeed the old, the patriarch, the arrogance is in process of being destroyed, just maybe you can get excited.  The real issue is you, your family and your work.  What do you do in such chaos? There are many answers, but they all include getting involved.  Staying on the sidelines is not it, and even when you do get involved, there is a progression, a learning curve.

Let The Cosmos Guide You

Travel with Mother Earth around the Sun and experience newness.  Learn to embrace, utilize the cosmic energies, so you can open your own intuition, be led by your own higher self that resides outside of this physical realm.

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