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AQUARIUS: Start Howling It’s the Wolf Moon

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Aquarius, General, Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess-Start Howling – It is the Wolf Moon

Start howling! The Wolf Moon begins it’s phase on Thursday, January 14, 2010, 11:12 pm with the New Moon. Although you can’t see the Wolf New Moon, as that’s it dark moon time, be ready for a pull on your emotions as the Earth, Moon and Sun are in direct alignment.

The more you can connect with the most prized of all the emotions, love; the more you can ride your emotions right into your intuition. More access to your intuition (your physic realm) is the promise of the Moon Goddess and the reason to fully embrace the following seven-day magical full moon period.

January 26 – Physical Day – Self Discipline

Three days before the Full Wolf Moon is the time to prepare your physical body to receive the magical moonbeam rays on the full moon. That means focusing on the quality/virtue of self discipline and putting it into practice in your life.

No one can tell you what to do, the virtue is Self Discipline, it’s up to you to look at your physical body and for one full day give attention to it, have a full on relationship with it. You want, at the end of the day, to feel like “Hey, I’ve got my body back in control and out of any of its excesses”. And if you happen to be someone that’s always in control discipline wise, maybe even fanatically so, then move more toward balance; which usually means introducing some fun into the discipline. You want your body strong and in control enough, it can receive without resistance the full moon energy which is coming just three days from now.

January 27 – Emotional Day – Beauty

Two days before the full moon arrives, you want to start off the day by dressing yourself so you feel so beautiful. Adorn yourself. After all, your body is your own unique art piece.

Show love for yourself by what you put on your body. It will make you feel good about yourself since you took the time and attention to beautify the outer you. Also today, connect with your inner beauty, shine a light on all the qualities that you have developed that help you express your love more in the world to others.

Then radiate this inner and outer beauty through a smile. Swerve out of the way today of any ugly relationship dramas; just don’t be available. Remind yourself that today is the second day before the full moon, a day to prepare your emotions so you can receive the wonder, the magic of the Moon Goddess’s rays.

January 28 – Mental Day – Inspiration

Today, just like the day before any Full Moon, you want to prepare your mind to receive the Full Moon energies. That means quietening your mind to any chatter of gloom and doom. Inspire your mind to greatness, that it can come up with a plan to implement the intuitive impressions that you receive on the Full Moon. If you haven’t already seen the Avatar movie, I’d encourage you to go and see it. If you have, reflect on the many messages it had that were inspirational. Tomorrow you want to take full advantage of the Moon Goddess’s gift , providing an opening to that psychic realm where your higher self resides.

Full Wolf Moon, January 29, 10:18 pm PST or January 30, 1:18 am EST

Although we receive the full impact of the Full Moon Energies at the exact moment of the Full Moon time, the veil lifts ever so lightly between the different dimensions for a full twenty four hour period, twelve hours before starting at 10:18 am in the morning of January 29, and ending at 10:18 am, on January 30.

If you are tuned in, you could receive impressions from your loved ones that have gone on before you. Or from those in the “death” realm that are striving to break down the barriers between life and death in the name of freedom, much like the Berlin wall was broken down.

The most prized messages, no matter how fleeting, are from our own higher self, by whatever name. Just like in the movie, The Avatar, we are the avatar for our higher self. Our goal is to become a conscious avatar, which will allow us to become a consistent winner in the game of life that we are now playing with all our heart.

The Wolf Moon is occurring during Aquarius, the bringer of freedom, the energy that Aquarius is pouring out to us.

January 30 – Mental Day – Clarity

On the day after the full moon, it’s a day to focus on putting together a plan for the energies you received, put some form to the messages. If you are a beginner or didn’t prepare well so you could receive the energies, then look at any areas of your life where you have become trapped, no longer free. Make a responsible plan of how to become free, without blaming and overthrowing someone else. Be accountable for your part in any trap.

January 31 – Emotional Day – Acceptance

Today’s a day to accept yourself, where you are on your journey and with all the parts of you that are still left to balance. Then turn your attention toward those meaningful people in your life and accept them also. Acceptance is the forerunner to unconditional love, to heartfelt relationships.

February 1 – Physical Day – Action

On the last of the seven-day magical full moon period, start implementing what you received until the next New Moon. Let your light take over, shine as the Moon Goddess’s light begins to wane. Why not let out a few howls every once in awhile, have some fun.



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