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Aquarius Reveals: What is the Ascension?

February 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Aquarius, General

AquariusGreenB Aquarius Reveals: What is the Ascension?


Aquarius Reveals: What is the Ascension?

Are you named after anyone; like your mother, father, favorite uncle or historical character?  I am, besides my sexy name of Section 11, I’m named after the Aquarius constellation.

Water Carrier Pours Out Creativity

Like the Moon Goddess who gives her all to you, I do the same in my own way.  I’m a water carrier, but instead of pouring water on your head, I empty out of my cosmic vessel creativity upon your consciousness. If you simplify consciousness to its essence, it is creativity in action. That’s why nothing ever stays the same and there is continual expansion in this universe.

Being Polarized

Embrace my energy and I’ll help you move out of being polarized, stuck in one side or the other of a duality which just creates turmoil and fear. Think in triangles this month, which always finds the best in opposing sides, withdrawing from what is causing harm.  The unity of the two bests creates something new, a superlative, going far beyond what was being experienced in either side of the duality. Now that’s real creativity in action and how you become released from any prison in your mind.

Creativity Leads to Freedom

Creativity is the essence of my energy and leads you straight to freedom.  You’ll also learn the truth about so many things that you’ve been kept in the dark about until you were ready.  Listen, if you knew how everything works, you just might not have incarnated. When you’ve been through the experience of expressing yourself through each side of the opposite extremes, that’s when you really know what’s the worst, causing harm and what’s the best that adds value.  It’s all theoretical until then, and why you get stuck in one side or another to begin with.

Big Bang Not the Beginning

Legends say that the Big Bang birth of this universe was not the beginning at all, but just another birth from two opposites coming together, in this case matter and anti-matter.  And then matter took the lead bringing into manifestation or physical form the finest of the equality of these two opposites.

Esoteric Terms

In esoteric terms, which just means the idea is not as yet integrated into mainstream, it is known about and utilized by pioneering adventurers. These individuals define these two opposites as Will and Love.  Will corresponds to matter and love relates to anti-matter.  It is so much easier to learn though, when you personalize abstracts, so let’s give Will the name of God with Love being the Goddess.

Love Still Scarce

God or Will has finished its task for this round, manifesting many separate cultures in the physical realm. You could say there is a “pause” right now.  It is close to Love or the Goddess or anti-matter’s time, it’s there but not out front, visible, still a mystery to be solved.  However, the Goddess of Love is already searching for those manifested parts that will further its evolution and getting ready to pull them back into her for their next close up encounter.

Withdrawn From

In this period of “pause”, the harmful too strong and willful manifestations are withdrawn from causing them to disintegrate, go extinct. The helpful manifestations are being connected to each other and soon will be brought into Love’s bosom.

Feeling Good About Yourself Leads to Love

You can consciously do the same. Start withdrawing from, not fighting or being conflictive with people, institutions who are still expressing themselves with the over strong, dictator aspect. Don’t forget yourself; you are really the most important. Pull away from any of your dominating and controlling behavior while keeping your genuine strength intact. Your reward will be feeling good about yourself which leads to then liking yourself and finally, to loving yourself. That’s your formula, your method. Each time you do this, your creativity or consciousness will soar like you’ve never experienced in your physical body.  And right now, until February 19, 2011, you have my energy guiding you.

Will Descends, Love Ascends

When the Goddess of Love has pulled the best of God or Will’s manifestations back into her, the process begins all over again but greatly expanded.  During God or Will’s descent into matter manifesting, God’s consciousness expanded greatly.  During that time, the Goddess of Love was the support, in the background, being the cheerleader.  Then as the Goddess or Love fully takes the lead, which is most imminent, God or Will moves into the background. Right now during this “pause” period, God or Will is turning its strength into inner strength.

The Ascension

You’ve heard of “The Ascension”; that’s when the Goddess of Love begins ascending. This process is much quicker, as after all, everything has been manifested.  The new inventions all have connecting, inclusiveness as its thrust.

Cosmic Orgasm The Big Bang

Then the God and Goddess or Will and Love will be most intimate again, having what you could call Cosmic Sex.  Their orgasm will be the next “Big Bang”.

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