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Aquarius Goddess Reveals Her Plans

February 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · Aquarius, General

Aquarius Goddess RA 150x150 Aquarius Goddess Reveals Her Plans

Aquarius Goddess Reveals Her Plans

What a jubilant few years this has been since the Aquarius Goddess took over from the Aquarius Emperor. It took longer than usual, as the Aquarius Emperor had been fully overshadowing all the zodiac signs since striking his rod into Table Mountain in South Africa in 1994 commencing the Aquarian Age.

Fantastic Job

By the way, didn’t the Aquarius Emperor do a fantastic job in facilitating the shift of each of the Zodiac Emperors to the Zodiac Goddesses?  Finally, it became his turn, and he joyfully relinquished his Aquarian Age scepter to the Aquarius Goddess.  As he stepped into the background, he immediately began to care for himself; just like he had been teaching all the other Zodiac signs to do.

Your Own Heroine

Also there was a great initiation in the cosmos with the Aquarius Goddess presiding.  All the Zodiac Goddesses presented quite proudly, by the way, each of you that had developed the quality of fully caring for yourself since the matriarch era began. You became your own heroine, your own leader of yourself.

Assimilating Your Dark Twin into Matriarch Era

You even discovered your dark twin that lurks in the shadows enticing you with one temptation and addiction after another.  You were able to say no many times but not with the usual stringent, rigid, self-discipline methods of the past. You cared for yourself enough to continue toward love, and didn’t even opt-in for another painful detour.  Finally you began to develop a relationship with your dark side,  caring and helping it assimilate into the matriarch civilization.

You Are Good Enough

You dropped your sacrificial persona which had in its roots, “You were not good enough”.   Previously during the patriarch era, you sacrificed yourself to prove that you were good, but there’s no need now. You still love to care and serve others, but know to include yourself in every situation.

You Can Trust

Now your task is to inspire others by participating fully while caring for yourself, becoming a beacon, a light for others to emulate. There were hundreds of thousands of you that were initiated as caring leaders of yourself.  You can trust people that have learned to be their own caring leaders as they are no longer at war with their dark side, trying to pull you into their drama.

Patriarch Era Leaders Alpha Males and Females

Now it’s time to link up, connect with all those like yourself and start the path toward becoming genuine co-leaders. Certainly there’s a learning curve to becoming a genuine co-leader with others.  The patriarch civilization was led by alpha males and females, which was way too often fueled by their dark side.

The good part of you could be in charge as long as you are in the underdog position, but once you reached the top in any area, your dark twin began to test you mercilessly.  Getting revenge for all the rejection you had endured on your way to the top was the lure; as well as fame and greed.

Fear of Success No More

No wonder so many are afraid of success and head for lesser roles.  However, if you learned to truly care for yourself and the love within you was beginning to bubble to the surface, your loving and caring feelings were so sumptuous that you were able to pass the test of “fear of success.”

You’re Becoming Lighter

Have you noticed as you began to care for yourself, you wanted to be lighter, lessen your body mass? If you haven’t already started the shedding process, begin now.  Your confidence will soar as you begin to look sleeker and radiate the caring person that you’ve become.

First Global Problem to Resolve

If you incarnated to solve the people problem and relationships are what drive you, you’ll begin to hear the call of the Aquarius Goddess to indeed solve this global problem. That’s the first global problem for her to resolve, as after all the Aquarius Goddess is a woman.  She knows well that relationships are the glue, the connector no matter what global problem is being addressed from politics to the environment.  It’s those that have learned to truly care for themselves that she will be first inviting to join her.

Still Time Left

Do know you still have until  the March Equinox and the beginning of the new astrological year  to tie up any loose ends; just in case you’re running behind.  You can still become your own leader by caring for yourself this year.  If you do achieve this by then, you’ll hear her call also.  And if you don’t make it this year, just be persistent and forge ahead until you do make it. The relationship problem is huge; you’ll still be a great asset whenever you are ready. During the next astrological year, the theme will be nurturing, which is a variation of caring but with even more love in its thrust.


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