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AQUARIUS: Astrology Forecast 2010 – 2011

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Aquarius, General

AquariusGreenB1 AQUARIUS: Astrology Forecast 2010   2011


Astrology Forecast for Aquarius – (General For All Signs)

Aquarius is the predominant energy for the next 2500 years. All of the other Zodiac energies are being filtered through the Aquarian scientific reasoning energy. Aquarius is taking over the helm from Pisces, which was a time of faith, devotion, gurus, kings, queens, dictators, and big governments with many followers.

The turn-over phase began just after the turn of the 19th century, around 1805. There have been quantum leaps in scientific inventions since that time to free us, make our lives easier and give us more time to connect with each other. That’s a result of scientific reasoning activating the mind of all of us now; not just an isolated few as during the Piscean reign.

Piscean Reign Under the Microscope

The Piscean reign, where faith was predominate, is under the microscope; seeing what we should be taking with us and what needs to be left behind as not serving us today. Now you may think that spirituality and religion will be thrown out; not necessarily so. Scientific reasoning will indeed confirm through scientific evidence what was previously relied upon only on faith. Of course, the part of religion or spirituality that was only dogma, that trapped us, will be thrown out.

Aquarius’s promise to us that everything will be exposed, known, no longer will knowledge be kept by the guru’s, the dictators; it will be available for all of us.

Instead of a chosen few being the problem solvers and responsible for the lives of so many, that responsibility is being passed down to all of us; to be responsible for our own lives. That means we must become our own leaders, certainly at the beginning. And then we link up with others that have become their own leader, and it won’t be long before groups of people who have attained the distinction of being their own leader will come together.

Now, we are living in the most exciting time period possible, if we just understand what is happening.

Energy: Aquarius has but one energy, scientific reasoning. Scientific reasoning is the energy that flows through every cell in your body, your emotions, your mind, and your intuition. Scientific reasoning has one purpose, to bring about freedom.

Virtues: Transparent, eclectic, objective, authentic, unique, freedom

Vices: Emotionally unavailable, too curious and judgmental.


Really assess your life to see if you’ve got yourself caught in any traps; could be of your own making. Regardless, discover where you might be trapped, not living a life of freedom, as a free spirit. Only then are you free to express yourself from your heart. Trapped, you’re just resistive, angry and unfulfilled.

Intimate Relationships

Use this scientific reasoning energy to solve problems of the heart; area where you could be hurting. Aquarius says there’s always an answer and it may be different than the, “You should do this…,” as most of those should’s are outdated; belonging to an era long past.


Staying connected, no matter where you live, is so easy today. Take the time to upgrade yourself to this millennium; to this decade. The intention is for you to be free, have heartfelt connections and take full advantage of this gift.

Workplace – Business

If you are someone that has lost your job, it could very well be that you were working in a job for the money only and not something that called to your heart. Investigate being an entrepreneur, building a business that is based on your own unique talents. And if you are happy in your work environment, then look at how you could expand it through new inventions that do not take up more of your time but instead frees you.


Get involved, get connected is the message. You don’t have the excuse of “no time”; there’s a myriad of ways to give back.


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