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About Loy

About Loy

francine. 003 About Loy

The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas


Growing up in the panhandle of Texas with no mountains, rivers or lakes, the bright stars in the heavens easily captivated my attention. One cluster of stars particularly mesmerized me. When I grew up one day, I wanted to unearth the secrets held in their magical twinkles.

Swept Into Esoteric Astrology


As a young woman, the mysteries of the heavens were revealed as I immersed myself into esoteric astrology.  What a delight to discover that the stars that beguiled me as a child were attributed to legends of a matriarch civilization flourishing in ancient times. That I liked I must say, and made me feel proud of being born a female.

 Thurban, Mother Earth’s Prior North Star

DRACON About Loy

These stars had a name, the Draco Constellation.  Enchanted, I was to learn that Thurban in the Draco Constellation was Mother Earth’s North Star before Polaris. As the legend goes, during Thurban’s reign, there was a matriarch civilization flourishing on planet Earth. 


An Epiphany of My Destiny


It’s at this point in my life that I had an epiphany or a conscious awakening.  Part of my destiny would be to develop an interpretation of the effect of the cosmos that would somehow integrate the cosmic teachings of the past matriarch era with today.

Draco the Dragon Astrology


In 1976, I began to write down what I received and perceived as cosmic energies into a body of data called Draco Astrology, honoring Thurban and the former matriarch civilization.   It wasn’t long before I began to teach classes, seminars and interpret people’s astrological charts.  At that time we were still in the Piscean Era of the patriarch civilization that was rapidly crumbling. My first teachings were finding and extracting the best of the Piscean teachings, laying a positive foundation for the upcoming Aquarian Age.


Dawn of Age of Aquarius


In 1994, I felt pulled by the cosmic energies to go to South Africa for what I thought was for a significant time in Mother Earth’s history; the ending of apartheid.  While regularly walking Table Mountain in Cape Town, I soon sensed another momentous occasion was taking place, this time in the cosmos.  Pisces was turning over the cosmic scepter to Aquarius, much earlier than prophesied.   Signaling that the Dawn of Aquarius had begun on Mother Earth, I sensed Aquarius placing a psychic rod deep into Table Mountain.  Since then, I’ve been writing and teaching about the Aquarian Age which will last approximately for the next 2100 years.


The New Millennium Begins


Now, as the new millennium began, we were firmly entrenched into the Aquarian Age and another mystery was ready to be revealed.  This cycle was much bigger though, than a 2100 Zodiac cycle. I thought it would occur on December 21, 2012.

Matriarch Era Officially Begins


Instead, on the March Equinox of 2011, this historic cosmic event occurred on Mother Earth which is rapidly changing our present and unfolding our future.

You, me; we are in the beginning of another round of a matriarch inspired era.  It signaled the end of a patriarch civilization that had been in command for thousands of years, with the energy of Will overshadowing the evolution on Mother Earth. The energy of Love is now connecting us to our future.

Emperors and Goddesses


Since the March Equinox of 2011, I’ve been writing and teaching about the shift of the Zodiac signs from their more male, patriarchal expression to their matriarch or feminine expression. , which is not gender based.  I personalized the Love energy as Goddess energy, highlighting the most loving and nurturing aspect of the feminine energy.  I distinguished the Will energy as a most regal and commanding Emperor Energy.

Patriarch Epoch Focus


During the patriarch epoch, striving to develop your strength, your power and your intellect was the emphasis. It was your Sun Zodiac Sign that pointed to your destiny. You focused more on your outer accomplishments and people outside of you.

Matriarch Inspired Era


The emerging matriarch era is awakening your relationship with your inner consciousness. These energies are encouraging you to care, nurture and love yourself as much as you did those outside of you in the past patriarch time period. Your quest is to become your own caring leader. No longer do you want to improve yourself by finding what’s wrong with you or what’s not good enough about you. That style of self-improvement belongs to an epoch gone by.

Your Moon Sign


Your Moon Sign is most paramount now, as it holds the key to dealing with your feelings in a way that you can express your most loving self.  Then your true intuition will begin to unfold.

The Moon Goddess 


Learn how to connect and receive the Moon Goddess’s transmissions at her New and Full Moon and soon you’ll be surfing right into your intuition and out of relationship dramas.

An Elder


I’ve come full circle, no longer a child staring at the heavens wanting to unearth their secrets. Now I’m imparting the mysteries that I’ve unraveled in the past and continuing to unfold today. I feel most fortunate that elders are treasured in this matriarch society, as I join their ranks.

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Author of The Script of Life, The Plot: Dealing with Feelings, Past Lives: The Key to Your Present Relationships, 12 books on Esoteric Intuitive Astrology, The Soul Game, Why Am I Here? God in the Aquarian Age, Life Patterns, How To Resolve Prejudice, Die Laughing – Is There Any Other Way?, Reincarnation Your Denied Birthright, How to Develop Your Intuition, Volume 1 and 2, Young’s Psychology, Heart Space 40/40, The Art of Heart Communication, Co-author Victims, Villains and Heroes: Managing Emotions in the Workplace, Co-author She Never Said Goodbye – Alzheimer’s