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Are You Ready to Participate Fully in the Matriarch Era?


Loy’s Matriarch Astrology entertains you with stories of an emerging matriarch era.  Instead of abstract energies, personalized Gods and Goddesses abound.  A God of Will manifests a patriarch civilization which is now crumbling.  This God of Will turns over his cosmic wand to the Goddess of Love who inspires you to a matriarch era.  The Goddess of Love now guides you to discover the Love hidden deep within you.

Moon Goddess


Learning how to express your feelings in a caring and loving way instead of through relationship dramas becomes the quest. The Old Man in the Moon turns over his moonbeam scepter to the Moon Goddess. It’s the Moon Goddess who teaches you her secret formula of how to connect with her and receive her moonbeams. Then, your trek into your feelings becomes most delightful, promising you that your intuition will unfold as you become adept.


Zodiac Goddesses


The Aquarius Emperor, facilitator of the Zodiac energies for the next 2100 years, is a pivotal player in this matriarch epoch.  The Goddess of Love requests he helps each of the Zodiac Emperors turn over their Zodiac wands to their feminine expression, the Zodiac Goddesses. The Goddess of Love, one wise woman, knows that the Emperors would resist a woman asking them to give up their thrones but would listen to their leader.

Mother Earth, a Goddess


The Emperors finally agree, retreating into the background joining the God of Will.   They all revitalize themselves while being in full support of the Zodiac Goddesses.  Finally, once all the cosmic zodiac shifts have taken place most smoothly, the Aquarian Emperor gives the Aquarian Age Rod to the Aquarius Goddess. The matriarch era is now fully anchored on Mother Earth, a Goddess herself.

Your Turn


The Aquarius Goddesses now gives her first request to her Zodiac Goddesses. She implores them to give this same opportunity to all those who act as their transmitters on Mother Earth. That’s you! Are you ready?


Matriarch Era Inclusive


The matriarch era is inclusive; being a separate sign belongs to the past. The Goddesses are teaming together offering you the opportunity to develop the characteristics and qualities of all the Zodiac signs, not just one that sponsored your birth.

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